The german-uruguay drummer is one of the uprising stars in the international jazzscene. As a former student with a full scholarship he studied with Danilo Perez. he developed an unique style in drumming and in composing music. With his Quartett (with Peter Ehwald, Tino Derado and Phil Donkin) he presents in his compositions a new and unusual approach to Latin Jazz. Sometimes he brings his music closer to Pop and Modern Jazz styles rather than sticking to traditional Latin Jazz styles, often concentrating on the original, rich rhythmic aspects of his improvisational approach. Nonetheless, his way of playing is deeply ankered in the traditional music of Latin America. Furthermore is colobarates with Donny McCaslin, Mark Turner and as  a sideman he has played with musicians such as Jerry Bergonzi, Danilo Perez, Hans Glawischnig, Dan Tepfer, Alex Sipiagin, Miguel Zenon, Wilson de Oliveira, Tony Lakatos, Nene Vazquez, Joe Gallardo, Katja Riemann, Nils Wogram, Leon Gurvitch and Paul Brody.

Diego Pinera was nominated to the ECHO 2015 as best Drummer with his last album Strange Ways.

Festival Performances

Unit Jazz, Nordsea Festival, Jazzfestival „Garana Jazz festival“Rumänien,BLUE NOTE Milano, Riga Ritmi Jazzfestival, Dresdener Drumfestival, Jazzfestival „Jazztour“, Festival International Naganagua Venezuela, Bogota Jazzfestival in der Teatro Libre, Guangdong Jazzfestival China, Jazzfestival Lima Peru, Malta Jazzfestival


Berklee Generation 2002, 1. Preis, Jazz and Blues Awards Berlin 2005, Leipziger Jazzpreis 2011

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