Dan Freeman is a songwriter, singer, from Tasmania, Australia. He formed „Dan Freeman and the Serious“ in Berlin in 2007 with Peter Meyer (guitar), Bernhard Meyer (bass) and Hanno Stick (drums). In 2008 Dan released his first EP with his band and in November 2011 his debut album „I lie a lot“. Together with Michael Haves (Super 700), the band produced a masterpiece between songwriter-pop, indie-rock and experimental music. Elegiac and touching, with the warm, full sound of „the Serious“ and the versatile voice of Dan Freeman, the music is simultaneously driving and relaxed. The music exudes vastness and sublime beauty, and is reminiscent of Radiohead or Jeff Buckley without being a copy.

After a year of touring his first album Dan began writing new songs for his next album. In November 2013 Dan Freeman and the Serious went into the studio with Sound Engineer Jochen Ströh (Flo Mega, Jimi Tenor) and then as a band spent 2013 self producing there 12 track album in there respective living rooms. They then collaborated with New York producer Andy Baldwin (Björk, Bonaparte) to come up with the final mixes. The 2nd album is planned to be released in 2016.

Review „Melodie & Rhythmus“

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